• Lela Hightower

Why should you love and shop from Shein as a plus sized woman?

It is hard to find clothes that flatter you as a unique shaped plus sized Queen, right?

It's hard shopping in the store. It is extra hard shopping online!!! So, I ask you as a plus sized Queen....

Do you know your body shape?

I know what it feels like to see an outfit...fall in love with it...and it looks like crap on. I know I am not the only one, right???


Knowing is half the battle!! Measure yourself and then find out what your body type is. You get so hung up on the numbers because society has made you believe that being large is a bad thing. Look, Thick Chick. It is what it is. If YOU feel like you want to change that, you do what is best for you. Whatever makes you feel like the Queen that you are....do that!!!

Clothes should make you feel like a Queen no matter your size. Beauty is a state of mind. My wish for you is to work the assets you have. That is what brought me to Shein. Shein is the most economical and size accurate stores online.

I came across this store when Thick Chick Treasures was an actual online store. It was my best and most accurate supplier. I still shop there because of that. I promote it proudly because of the curvy women caimpaing they keep going.

They provide awesome information to plus size women that supports you in making an informed decision in your shopping choices. They have a whole section teaching you how to decide what your shape is and guides you to clothes that flatter your body type.


Go to Shein's page and find out your body type here: https://shrsl.com/2i2mq

You will not regret looking like the Queen that you are!!!

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